Podcast No. 2 Feb 2009

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The second of my two podcasts for February now. This is just a collection of what I’ve been listening to and enjoying over the past month, apart from the Choice Music people. Most of it has been blogged about, some of it hasn’t.



1. Dan Deacon – Snookered
2. Neon Neon – I Told Her on Alderaan
3. Bat For Lashes – Glass
4. Upcdowncleftcrightcabc+start – McDoomish
5. NewVillager – Rich Doors
6. Bell X1 – The Curtains are Twitchin’
7. Antony & The Johnsons – The Cripple and the Starfish
8. The Flaming Lips – Anything You Say Now I Believe You
9. Ash – Lose Control
10. Little Boots – Stuck on Repeat
11. David Bowie – Heroes

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Clemsounds – Podcast No. 2 Feb 2009.mp3

Podcast – Choice Music Prize

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I’ve decided to do two podcasts this month to go along with the Choice Music Prize theme. All the reviews can be found here. So for the first here is 11 of my favorite tracks, 1 from each album, of the Choice Music Prize Nominees. It’s bookended by the champion jockey himself, Mr. Richie Egan, Jape.



1. Jape – I Was A Man
2. The Script – Rusty Halo
3. Lisa Hannigan – I Don’t Know
4. RSAG – Moving Image
5. David Holmes – The Ballad of Sarah & Jack
6. Messiah J & The Expert – The Predicament
7. Halfset – A Place To Stay
8. Fight Like Apes – Lumpy Dough
9. Mick Flannery – Wait Here
10. Oppenheimer – Take The Whole Mid Range and Boost It
11. Jape – Strike Me Down

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Choice Music Prize.mp3

The Bad Plus – For All I Care

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Have just heard a few tracks off this album. Absolutely stunning! They’ve added a new member in the form of vocalist, Wendy Lewis. There seems to be more cover versions than before (maybe to accomodate the vocals) but my are they stunning. As I think I’ve made clear before, I’m not a fan of U2, but this version of ‘New Years Day’ is special. The drum solo to begin is possibly the best single piece of drumming ever performed, suck on that Larry Mullen!

Choice Music Prize Reviews

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Well my attempt at reviewing all the Choice Music Prize albums before the awards show last night, failed miserably. I knew I’d left it too late when I started, I just didn’t have the time to do a review every day. Nevertheless I think I’ll still review the final 3 albums that I missed, Oppenheimer, RSAG and The Script (*shudder*), over the coming days.

Part of the reason I haven’t had time this week is due to the fact that I’m emigrating to Australia, forever! So with that in a few weeks I think I’ve kind of decided to finish with this blog when I leave. I’ll keep posting here when I’ve time but once I’m gone I’ll be travelling a lot and probably won’t have internet access and the whole scope of the blog (Irish music) will be lost. I’m toying with the idea of a travel blog like my good mate Danbhala, but who knows. When I settle though I’ll probably start up something new, just with a different accent.

Anyway, HUGE congrats to Jape for winning last night. 100% deserves it for making a truly great album. I’m glad my prediction of Fight Like Apes didn’t come to pass (I swear they get worse the more I hear them). I’ve heard the next Jape album is well under way so looking forward to that, and of course Richie’s work with The Redneck Manifesto is always a delight.

Jape With His Giant Butt Plug

Jape With His Giant "Butt Plug"

Choice Music Prize ~ Messiah J & The Expert – From The Word Go

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Messiah J & The Expert - From The Word Go

Messiah J & The Expert - From The Word Go

This isn’t really my style of music to be honest. I can’t find much talent in someone that can string random words together really fast to a generic beat. The closest I’ve ever got to liking ‘rap’ was way back in the early 90’s with Bodycount. From The Word Go however, breathes new life into a stagnant genre.

Although a little corny lyric-wise at times, and I do find it hard to listen to an Irish person rap, generally this is a good album. It’s the production effort that makes it a good album. I think this music, with any sort of lyrics over it, would still sound good.

I’ve spoken recently about witty lyrics with Bell X1 and Jape, and how good they’ve made their two respective ablums. MJEX have tried to do this but they just havn’t got close to being as good. There’s something too lose about some of the lyrics, they do make me wince at times. Almost like their trying too hard to be witty. In saying that, when the wit is abandoned and seriousness takes over there is talent there. The lyrics in ‘The Predicament’ are excellent and are delivered in a manner that makes you sit up and listen.

‘Panic Station’ is another excellently written piece. A middle aged crisis themed song. I don’t know if it’s the lyrics or the themes that make it good, but it’s good nonetheless.

The music is the best part of the album by far. Excellently constructed and produced. It pulls from all genres, dub, hip hop, rock, electronica and it’s all put together expertly. Listening to it makes me think so much time was put into every detail. The layers of every single part of every song are glued together with precision.

For an Irish ‘rap’ album, this is an excellent effort, but I’m not a rap fan and Irish ‘rap’ doesn’t have a future, no matter how hard it’s pushed. It will always be seen as the bottom of the pile, the talentless rejects genre. That’s not an insult to MJEX, it’s just true. From The Word Go is a good album and probably won’t be bettered for a long time, genre-wise.

Gerography is a weird song and I think sums up the album. Excellent production, bizarre half-wit(ty) lyrics, so here it is

Tomorrow: Oppenheimer – Take The Whole Mid-Range and Boost It

Choice Music Prize ~ Jape – Ritual

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Jape - Ritual

Jape - Ritual

If you’ve read my previous review of this album here, you’ll know I already love it. The great thing is: I still love it. For me this is the album of the year. I mentioned previously that “I’m hearing new sounds with each listen”, I’m still hearing new sounds 8 months later! In particular there’s a sound in ‘Strike Me Down’, that kicks in at about 2 mins 45 that sounds like a sleepy Jaws snorty ever so slighty. It’s so subtle but spine tingling all the same. I only noticed that the other day. This sort of trait is what made OK Computer so great.

Form the get go Ritual kicks ass. Punchy beats, punchy guitars and punchy lyrics consistent from start to finish. In fact the album opens with possibly it’s weakest track, a risky manouvre but one that pays off. Not that ‘Christopher and Anthony’ is a bad song, just it’s not as good as the others. It’s followed by ‘I Was A Man’, a fabulous tune with some of the best one liners to ever be recorded.

There is not one single moment while listening to this album that I want to hear the next song. The current song is always brilliant, I want it to last forever.

Aside from the brilliant punchiness (?) of this album, it’s accented with beauty. ‘Phil Lynott’, ‘At The Heart Of All This Strangeness’ and ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ are superb pauses from the madness. Positioned perfectly to keep the mood going. There’s just no words to describe how good this album has been written, constructed and performed. I’m jealous. How can a shockingly bad album by U2 get more attention than this? Richie is miles ahead in every aspect except in attempts to save the world.

This IS the best album of the year, by far. Buuuuuttt I’m tempted to put money on it not winning 🙂

So you can hear that bone crunching sound (2:45 in), Strike Me Down

Tomorrow: Messiah J & The Expert – From The Word Go